27 Ago 2020

Creativity Management and Manufacturing Firm’s Performance

Nome rivista: Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Titolo: Creativity Management and Manufacturing Firm’s Performance

Editor: Luna Leoni, Matteo Cristofaro, Koteshwar Chirumalla, Stephen Dobson

This Special Issue focuses on how creativity impacts manufacturing firms’ performance. The ambition with the Special Issue is to advance knowledge on the relationships between different means of organizing, managing, or way of working with creativity to manufacturing firms’ performance. To summarise, the outlined and other related questions aim to explore: i) the creative process, ii) the creative product, iii) the creative person/group, iv) the creative context, and v) the way in which all these elements mutually interact, with regard to manufacturing firms.

Manuscripts Due by 1 November 2020
First Round of Reviews by 15 February 2021
Acceptance by March 2022

Link: https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/jmtm/creativity-management-and-manufacturing-firms-performance