The International Series in Advanced Management Studies is supported by the Italian Society of Management, the scientific community of Italian researchers and professors of management.
The Series includes scientific books that focus on advanced and boundary-pushing topics within the management discipline. Such topics will also have significant impact and utility for companies, institutions and other organizations of the business world.

Collana International Series in Advanced Management Studies



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The topics can regard the various aspects of management, such as business strategy, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, operations, SME, corporate governance, innovation management, marketing, and corporate communication – applied to all industries, all kinds of organizations (profit, public or non profit) and all countries.


Alberto Pastore (Sapienza University of Rome)

Series Editors
Giovanni Battista Dagnino (University of Catania)
Marco Frey (Scuola Superiore San’anna di Pisa)
Christian Gronroos (Haken School of Economics of Helsinki)
Michael Haenlein (ESCP Europe of Paris) – Editor di European Management Journal
Charles Hofacker (Florida State University)
Anne Huff (Maynooth National University of Ireland)
Morten Huse (BI Norwegian Business School, Norway) – Past Presindent Euram
Gennaro Iasevoli (Lumsa University)
Andrea Moretti (University of Udine)
Fabio Musso (University of Urbino)
Mustafa Ozbilgin (Brunel University of London) – Editor di European Management Review
Paolo Stampacchia (Federico II University)
Luca Zanderighi (University of Milan)

Assistant Editor

Michela Matarazzo (Marconi University)

Characteristics of the Series

Submission process – evaluation:

  • Pre-acceptance upon project presentation (Scientific Committee)
  • Blind rewiew (Reviewers)
  • Final acceptance (editor in charge for the submission, editor in chief)

No cost to the author