23 Sep 2020

Project Manager and Technology transfer

University: Pegaso University Description: Two assignments of Project Manager and Technology transfer: a) Public selection based on qualifications and interviews for the recruitment of an “Innovation Promoter” figure with a fixed-term employment contract at the Research Enhancement and Grant Office (UVR & GO) of the Pegaso Srl Telematic University b) […]

18 Sep 2020

Associate professor University of Milan

Announcements: Associate professor University: University of Milan, Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative methods Descriptions: Professore di II fascia – s.c. 13/B2, ssd SECS-P/08 Dipartimento di Economia, Management e Metodi Quantitativi Settore Concorsuale 13/B2 – ECONOMIA E GESTIONE DELLE IMPRESE SSD SECS-P/08 – ECONOMIA E GESTIONE DELLE IMPRESE Deadline: Application […]

10 Aug 2020

Research Grant UNIMIB

University: University of Milano-Bicocca Description: The grant is part of a project supported by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) under the Departments of Excellence Program. The project aims to understand the mechanisms through which the use of digital technologies during the lockdown affect the organization of office […]

26 Jul 2020

Ph.D. in Economics, Management and Statistics

Name: Ph.D. in Economics, Management and Statistics University: University of Messina Description: Public competition for the admission to the 3-year Ph.D program in Economics, Management and Statistics (https://www.unime.it/it/dottorato/economics-management-statistics), jointly organized by the University of Messina and the University of Catania. The Ph.D. program includes three curricula: 1. Economics; 2. Management; […]