17 Sep 2020

Competitive Renaissance through Digital Transformation

Title: Competitive Renaissance through Digital Transformation

Organizers: G. Dagnino; S. Denicolai; G. Magnani; G. Piccoli; A. Zucchella

Date: February 18-19th 2021 , University of Pavia – Pavia (IT)

The term Renaissance refers to a period in Europe well known for an extraordinary production of creativity, art and literature. A few centuries later, the worldwide challenges are calling governments and organizations to act with urgency. While the Renaissance emphasized the magnificence of human potential, a ‘new renaissance’ must leverage digital technology to ‘augment’ human talent and organizational capabilities. We call for research papers contributing to the debate on how digital technologies can enable a sustainable renaissance of organizations’ competitiveness, considering both SMEs and larger corporations, as well as a new wave of entrepreneurs.

Paper Submission Deadlines: December 22th, 2020

Registration to the Conference Deadline: January 20th, 2021.

Link: http://digitaltransfconference.unipv.it