27 Jan 2021

“ENTERYNG” WORKSHOP (ENTreprenEurship Research workshop for YouNG scholars)

Organizers: University of Pavia

Date: 27-28 May 2021, held online, in presence, or blended according to the evolving public sanitary conditions.


The 7th ENTERYING WORKSHOP “ENTreprenEurship Research workshop for YouNG scholars” organized by the University of Pavia is an opportunity for PhD students, post-docs and early-career scholars to present their research and discuss it in an international and collaborative environment. In addition to facilitating fruitful discussion, this program supports the development of a global network of young researchers interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, international entrepreneurship and family business. Together with feedback on their working papers, participants will have the opportunity to attend keynote speeches by Howard Aldrich and Tamer Cavusgil, internationally renowned scholars, and to reflect on their research.

Submission Deadline: 30th April 2021

Link: https://www.eiasm.org/frontoffice/eden_announcement.asp?event_id=1527