11 Nov 2020

Made in Italy e Covid Revolution: which strategies for the italian food&wine?

Organizers: Proff. Amedeo Maizza, Fabio Musso, Manlio Del Giudice
Date: 20.11.2020 – 27.11.2020 (Meet Platform)
The event consists of a joint classroom workshop between the University of Salento, the University of Rome “Link Campus” and the University of Urbino on the theme of Made in Italy and Covid Revolution: What strategies for Italian food and wine. The interventions include three Full Professor as keynote speakers (Proff. Maizza, Musso and Del Giudice) accompanied by three entrepreneurs in the sector, in order to give an image as complete and broad as possible of the affirmation of Made in Italy in international scenarios and commercial channels, as changed by Covid-19

Deadline: N/A