12 Aug 2020

Strategy for a Sustainable and Responsible World

Organizers: profs. Anna Minà & Sergio Paternostro

Date: October, 22, 2020, 3.00-7.00 PM – Virtual Google Meet Platform

Today’s business world show challenges that inescapably imply a deep dive into a new business paradigm and embraces a broader set of values, novel approaches, and renewed lens through which to pursue economic, social, environmental sustainability. Firms are summoned to develop sustainability-oriented innovation and mold sustainable busines models, to amalgamate them in their strategies, processes and structures. This SMS Extension advances conversation on evolving theories and practices of strategic sustainability and managerial responsibility. Speakers: Sharon Alvarez (Pittsburgh U.); Giovanni Battista Dagnino (LUMSA); Ivan Montiel (Baruch College); Guido Palazzo (HEC Lausanne); Robert Phillip (Schulich School of Bus.); Violina Rindova (USC Marshall)

Deadline: Registrants for the extension will be emailed information about how to participate in the event in early October. Registration for the extension will be $15 USD.

Link: https://www.strategicmanagement.net/virtual/extensions/lumsa#/?_k=hvgen9