13 Jan 2021

TOURMAN 2021: Restarting tourism, travel and hospitality: The day after

Organizers: International Hellenic University | Co-chairs: Evangelos Christou & Anestis Fotiadis – Associate Chairs: Kostas Alexandris, Hugues Seraphin & Giacomo Del ChiappaDate: 21-23 May 2021 (Virtual confence on Zoom)

Description: The conference will be held online as a virtual conference through Zoom web conferencing. Participation of delegates with accepted abstracts/papers will be free of charge (no delegate fees). The conference provide a good variety of publication opportunities in special issues in international journals. All the information related to the Call for papers, the Keynote Speakers and the publishing opportunities ca be found at the following link: https://www.tourman.gr/

Deadline: All the information related to the deadlines to submit an abstract/paper proposal can be find in the file at the following

Link:  https://www.tourman.gr/CFP-TOURMAN2021.pdf Link: https://www.tourman.gr/