19 Apr 2021

Knowledge and Trust in a Data-rich Business Environment

Sinergie Italian Journal of Management

Editors: Giuseppe Bertoli, Sandro Castaldo, Paola Cillo, Gabriele Troilo, Gianmario Verona

Description: This Special Issue will include impactful papers focused on the critical role played by knowledge and trust in data-rich business environments. In today’s business environments, different actors – firms, suppliers, consumers, public authorities, regulators and other stakeholders – can take decisions leveraging on the abundance of proprietary and public data made available by digital technologies. The centrality of data for managerial decision processes inspires new research questions on how organization create, use and disseminate knowledge to generate a sustainable competitive advantage. In addition, data fluidity in large networks of interconnected firms, customers and other actors creates concerns that can be played out by putting trust at the center of such network of relationships. The aim of this Special Issue is to investigate how knowledge and trust can be developed, exploited, diffused, and protected in business ecosystems, where data are the main asset for several actors. This Special Issue welcomes both theoretical and empirical papers, leveraging various methodological approaches, strongly supported by management literature.

Deadline: 30 August 2021

Link: www.sijm.it