Membership and fees

Full professors and associate professors+EURAM+BAM
SIMA AIDEA Full professors130 euro70 euro20 euro
SIMA SIM AIDEA Full professors200 euro70 euro20 euro
SIMA AIDEA 100 euro70 euro20 euro
SIMA SIM AIDEA 167 euro70 euro20 euro
PhD students and fellows+EURAM+BAM
SIMA AIDEA Correspondents 60 euro40 euro20 euro
SIMA SIM AIDEA Correspondents 100 euro40 euro20 euro
AGGREGATES (manager)130 euro


Regular membership is applicable for Full Professors, Associate Professors and Researchers, also for retired professors (‘fuori ruolo’ or ‘in quiescenza’), in SECS/P08 scientific sector.
Retired colleagues (‘fuori ruolo’ or ‘in quiescenza’) will not be able to participate in the passive electorates.

Membership forms

Download the forms to fill in to become a SIMA member

Full professor