27 Oct 2020

Open Innovation Platforms Fostering Knowledge Ecosystems

Journal of the Knowledge Economy

Editors: Anna Codini, Tindara Abbate, Barbara Aquilani

Basing on Open Innovation perspective, innovation arises from knowledge flows both within and outside the company, generated and distributed within the complex relationship that connect a wider range of strategic actors. In this context, firms can be aided by Open Innovation Platforms, recently defined a “knowledge- and value-accretive” platforms in a way that realizes a durable value-creation mechanism. The shift towards a more digital arena implies a new way of sharing knowledge internally and across organizational boundaries. As the knowledge sharing via digital platforms entails more and more frequent interactions, Open Innovation Platforms need new skills, tools and management structures to integrate external knowledge into the organization. Basing on these considerations, this special issue invites contributions that provide some valuable managerial implications for Open Innovation Platforms and firms that use online communities to acquire and integrate knowledge from external sources.

Deadline: Submissions deadline March 31st 2021

Link: https://www.springer.com/journal/13132/updates/18341194