16 Nov 2020

The Covid challenge


Editors: In partnership with SIMA and SIM

Description: The challenge is to develop an idea to make young people aware of the adoption of appropriate behaviors for the prevention of Covid-19. Categories – Post for Instagram/Facebook (text and image*) – Journalistic article (max 5000 characters, spaces included) with photo* (optional) – Micro story (maximum 500 words with a title) *Only photos or graphic elements made by the participants are allowed Participation is open, both in groups and independently, to all universities students To participate it is necessary to send the proposal by e-mail to sappiamofaremeglio@lumsa.it using the appropriate presentation scheme at the following link: https://www.lumsa.it/sappiamofaremeglio-la-sfida-al-covid-parte-dagli-studenti

Deadline: November 30th

Link: https://www.lumsa.it/sappiamofaremeglio-la-sfida-al-covid-parte-dagli-studenti