Dual membership EURAM – SIMA

EURAM membership can now be considered in a pluri-institutional format, namely as a shared membership between the European association an a national Partner association.

A national Partner association offers, on its website, the regular national membership and/or the annual congress registration as well as, now, to become an EURAM’s member.

This arrangement is reciprocal, so EURAM proposes on its website, to its members, to become a member of the national Partner association, besides the regular EURAM’s membership and/or the annual congress registration.

The Dual Membership scheme is offered to the national Partner Associations after the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The same membership benefits apply as for a regular membership. Prices may vary, depending on the partner association.

Click here to download the Dual Membership application form.

SIMA members who want to join EURAM1 year of regular membership
Full professor, associate professor, researchers*70 Euro
PhD students**40 Euro


Check this link to see more about the EURAM membership:

* Except PhD students

** Doctoral candidates need to upload a scanned document such as a letter of acceptance in a PhD
programme or a student ID card.

These dual memberships imply the same membership benefits as a regular membership. Prices
may vary, depending on the membership fees partner association.

Moduli di adesione

Scarica i moduli da compilare per diventare socio SIMA-EURAM

Dual Membership Application Form